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There is no magic wand.

Solid planning is the foundation for success.


Our clients know that, and that’s why they come to us for:

     Strategic plans
     Business plans
     Fundraising plans including capital,         
     endowment, and annual funds
     Organizational plans
     Facilities plans
     Marketing plans

We believe that planning well-crafted strategies for the future is among the most important initiatives your organization can undertake. Our planning services encompass comprehensive strategic plans as well as plans focused on fundraising, marketing, organizational excellence.

Defining your organization's strategy is a vital first step, whether your goal is to fill your operating coffers; construct a new building or purchase equipment; build an endowment for the future; brand your organization with the right messaging, image, and experience; assemble and educate a strong board; recruit staff; develop a trademarked event; or begin a fresh new direction programmatically.

Working together, we help you plan how to achieve your desires objectives, while factoring in your organization's staffing and financial capacity, to ensure a strong future for your organization.

What our clients say

"Charlotte and her team delve deeply into the business of the clients they serve, working diligently to truly understand the challenges that they face and to develop creative, cost effective ways to address them. The question that any nonprofit facing the need to plan for its future is not, “How can we afford to do this?,” but rather, “How can we NOT afford to do this?"

—Joe Gillie
Retired Executive Director, Old School Square Cultural Arts Center

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