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Breathing life into the plan.

Depending on the plan, we utilize whatever marketing tools are necessary to create the right “persona” for the client – one with whom the desired audience can relate, empathize, and eventually adopt. Sometimes we use the crash of cymbals, sometimes the whisper of the wind. Each case is unique, each special.


Here are some of the ways we help our clients:

     Brand management and positioning
     Public and media relations
     Traditional media, interactive media, and the
     "social mediasphere"
     Crisis communication


CP&A can help you evaluate your current brand and suggest reestablishing and strengthening measures, or assist you in creating a new brand, including the logo and the messaging that tells and sells your story. Establishing and adhering to agreed-upon messaging and imaging standards in all aspects of spoken and visual presentations ensure effective organizational branding.  



We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. At CP&A, we believe a word is worth ten thousand pictures. Skeptical? Here are but a few words. Close your eyes, say each of the following words slowly, and watch the show in your mind. Poverty. Disease. Hunger. Despair. Art. Music. Love. Puppies! A few well-chosen words crafted to convey emotional impact can launch a thousand emotions as well as raise millions of dollars. We believe in telling your story in a relatable form that is creative, concise, consistent, and clear. CP&A has the expertise to create your web content, blogs, position statements, mission statements, case for support, varied presentations, brochures, and scripts for intimate one-on-one meetings.


Marketing Communications

After your story is created in such a way as to touch, inspire, and motivate, it is time to determine the best form and methods for delivering your story economically and effectively to each audience segment. The team at CP&A has decades of experience in broadcast, print, and online media, as well as in public presentations, telemarketing, and events.  We can provide you with a plan that includes the most effective media, packaging, and presentation formats that will produce measureable results.


Public and Media Relations

Our staff has extensive media affiliations and relationships, and expertise in creating those associations in any market. It is the art of spreading the word that money simply cannot buy.

We have built strong relationships with the media and have garnered their cooperation in informing the public, prospective donors, investors, partners, and other stakeholders about your organization’s mission and accomplishments.


Social Media

Social media has become an integral communications vehicle of every large or small business, non-profit, government entity, and online savvy individual. CP&A can help determine which social media vehicles and tactics are the most effective in reaching your target, then help you develop systems and assignments to keep the content and image fresh, relative, and compelling.

What our clients say

"Charlotte and her team performed like staff for Glades Healthcare Foundation. Their team members handled building our leadership team, grant writing, marketing and PR, website development and so much more. Their approach to our organization’s needs was highly beneficial to the Foundation."

—David Goodlett

Former Chairman, Glades Healthcare Foundation and Vice President of Government and Community Relations, Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida.

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