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For many nonprofits, the most critical need is establishing and implementing a comprehensive and diversified fundraising program that is cost effective, easy to implement, and measurable. 


We research and analyze your organization’s priorities, communication strategies and content; past and current donors; and board leadership to create a multi-level strategy to successfully reach out to individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, and governmental agencies.


Here are some of the ways we help our clients:

     Fundraising feasibility studies
     Capital campaign planning and management
     Corporate sponsorships
     Grant research and writing
     Event concept and management
     Governance and board development

Fundraising Feasibility Studies

A capital campaign fundraising feasibility study is a critical tool to help determine whether the market, climate, and timing is right to move forward with a major capital or endowment campaign. Accurate verification is needed that favorable conditions which you believe exist, actually do exist; that your organization is perceived as having the positive value and worth to the broader public; and that you can command the interest, participation, and financial support necessary to ensure a campaign’s success.


We are experts in providing an honest and straightforward assessment of your prospective donors’ perceptions of your organization and their willingness to participate in a proposed campaign, as well as assessing the economic environment, among other external factors, which may affect a campaign’s potential for success.


Capital Campaign Planning and Management

The purpose of a campaign plan is to create a timeline for all components of the campaign, along with benchmarks to measure success along the way.  Our team creates a detailed plan that guides all phases of a campaign. The overall plan will include key initiatives: recruiting and training leadership and volunteers, and developing a case for support and related materials.  Our team has decades of experience managing all types of successful campaigns.  We will tailor our services to your needs and design a plan that suits your budget.


Critical to the success of any nonprofit is its governing board of directors.  The highest performing boards are those comprised of dedicated individuals who understand their jobs as trustees and are willing to make the time and effort to fulfill that responsibility to ensure the success of the nonprofits they serve.  We are well versed in creating and/or revising bylaws, guidelines, policies, and procedures needed to effectively govern your organization.  In addition, the CP&A team is experienced in managing board development from creating effective tools to expand and/or reinvigorate your board, to determining priority initiatives.


Corporate Sponsorships

We have a successful track record of creating corporate sponsorships for a variety of nonprofits.  Our services include identifying potential sponsors, designing your sponsorship levels and benefits, creating your demographic profile, and demonstrating a beneficial return on the sponsor’s investment. 


Grant Research and Writing

Team members at CP&A have many years of experience writing grant applications for government entities and private and public foundations to obtain a wide range of grants, from operating expenses to capital and endowment support.  In addition, we offer research services to cost effectively identify potential foundations that your organization can pursue with our assistance, as needed.


Event Management

CP&A manages all types of events from an informal gathering of potential major donors in a private home to a multi-day public event involving street closures and online ticketing.  Working within your organization’s financial parameters and goals, CP&A can assist you in creating and managing a large fundraiser or “friend raiser,” or an intimate boardroom presentation. From tenting to ticketing, catering to talent booking and permitting, we can provide either complete event oversight, or advise you on successful strategies.

What our clients say

"Charlotte and her team performed like staff for Glades Healthcare Foundation. Their team members handled building our leadership team, grant writing, marketing and PR, website development and so much more. Their approach to our organization’s needs was highly beneficial to the Foundation."

—David Goodlett

Former Chairman, Glades Healthcare Foundation and Vice President of Government and Community Relations, Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida.

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